Issue 3

30 Phamenoth 2756 / 04 November 2007

Welcome to the third edition of The Ankhet Herald. It is our hope that we will be able to regularly provide an objective view on the happenings of Ankhet. Our main priority is to document the facts for future use and perusal.

The Articles

Malarthi's Token

Rough Tumble for smooth-mamma

Like a Rock?

Kauket Killed, Again

smooth_pappa's Rocky Road

Mikolaj Takes Offense

Stick a Needle in Malarthi's Eye

The Grinder 2 (Cont.)

The Anoints

The Annals

Poll 2 Results

Quote of the Issue

Because, sometimes "go fuck yourself" feels insufficient. - Euplicitous Aerophram, Underworld, "Smooth_Pappa" #102 in response to the question "Why do you want to kill people for saying what they think?"

TAG, You're It! AH-ha!

The Ankhet Gazette hasn't been updated in over six weeks. Their inactivity is what influenced those of us here at The Ankhet Herald to begin our own Ankhet newspaper. We hope to see a new issue from the people at The Ankhet Gazette soon.

Editor's Notes

If you:

-have a journalistic streak and want to assist with The Ankhet Herald . . .
-don't have a journalistic streak and want to a assist with The Ankhet Herald . . .
-think we missed something newsworthy . . .
-disagree with something in the articles . . .
-have an opinion and want it heard . . .
-have a question and want it answered . . .
-want to suggest a quote for the next issue . . .

Then send a letter to the editor at or reply with a comment here. (All comments are screened.) We are equal opportunity and non-discriminatory. Our goal is to publish every ten days, so anything submitted after the Ankhet date ends in nine will most likely not be used.

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