Issue 2

20 Phamenoth 2756 / 25 October 2007

Welcome to the second edition of The Ankhet Herald. It is our hope that we will be able to regularly provide an objective view on the happenings of Ankhet. Our main priority is to document the facts for future use and perusal.

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Clouds on the Horizon

Kauket Killed, Twice

Malarthi Announces

The Grinder 2

Op-Ed: Riven = Invincible

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Quote of the Issue

I find that please usually is said by vicious psychopaths and warlords. Thank you for locking up this dangerous polite felon. I will sleep safer at night. - Bigby Wolf, Underworld, "Malarthi" #7


Last issue, The Ankhet Herald made two references to a disciple named Krumko. The disciple is actually named Krumku. We apologize for this mistake.

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Clouds on the Horizon

On the 9th of Phamenoth, Krysondra (Nekhen) Dueled Sunny (Light). Sunny won the first Duel in 8 rounds, prompting em (Nekhen) to Exhume Krysondra and Maa-kheru (Antirhodos) to call Madokh to empower Krysondra. Krysondra then Dueled Sunny once more, this time winning in 8 rounds.

Krysondra gave her reasoning: "As you may have noticed, I just dueled and killed Sunny. I did so because of her repeated refusal to publicly apologize for her acknowledged plagarism. To me, this is unacceptable, and she deserved it. She indicated in telepath she would make a public apology, but she hasn't in 10 days." [1] This reasoning was preceded and followed by similar messages in the "Sunny's Poetry! (1 of 20)" thread in Neophytes and the "Sunny's Death" thread in the Underworld.

Light has not expressed an interest in retaliating against Krysondra for the attacks on Sunny, however Jumsy (N: Light) expressed concern about Krysondra's attacks, stating: "... rather than jumping straight to violence, this could have been avoided by talking it out with me, her nomarch. I could have found a different way." [2] After this statement, the thread branched off into a discussion about the merits and faults of discussing disagreements with the Nomarch of the disciple you disagree with before escalating into attacks.

On the 10th of Phamenoth, Altair (Light) attacked Kazuo and Sunny (Light) while Nefertiti (Light) posted an explanation: "Altair has put both Sunny and Kazuo into negative anima due to our suspicions regarding the characters, Sunny and Kazuo. Certain timings with regards to logging in and out of Ankhet have aroused our suspicions about possible zombieism." [3] Nefertiti then provides the Chronicles from the 20th and 21st of Mecheir with regards to Sunny and Kazuo:

21 Mecheir 2756
15:49 - Sunny has timed out
14:34 - Sunny has logged in
14:34 - Kazuo has logged out
14:02 - Kazuo has logged in
14:02 - Sunny has logged out
14:01 - Sunny has logged in
11:59 - Sunny has logged in

20 Mecheir 2756
16:27 - Sunny has timed out
14:18 - Sunny has logged in
14:18 - Kazuo has logged out
14:10 - Kazuo has logged in
14:10 - Sunny has logged out
14:05 - Sunny has logged in
13:29 - Sunny has logged in
12:10 - Sunny has logged in

She finishes her post with: "Add in the fact that Sunny's behaviour has a certain Kazuo-like nature to it, and we are suspicious about the nature of the two disciples. We are hopeful that Sunny and Kazuo can offer a logical and rational explanation for the abovementioned coincidences. We shall also contact the Oracles with our suspicions." [3] After much discussion, Kazuo and Sunny were let out of the Underworld.

Between the 12th and 13th of Phamenoth, Kazuo's account was reset and Sunny's account was deleted. After Kazuo chose to follow the path of Hathor, Bottom-Heavy Grapefruit (Nekhen) -- now anointed Curdled Grapefruit -- Exhausted Kazuo while Euplicitous Aerophram (N: The Riven) Doomed Kazuo to death, following up by Exhausting his Anima and Diminishing his Favour. Euplicitous Aerophram and Bottom-Heavy Grapefruit have since attacked Kazuo further, keeping him in the Underworld for the following three days. Kazuo is currently at level 1 and with positive Anima.

[1]: Servants, "Sunny's Death" #1
[2]: Underworld, "Sunny's Death" #3
[3]: Underworld, "Suspicions" #1

Kauket Killed, Twice

On the 11th of Phamenoth, pakaran (eidolon) killed Kauket at 23:44. Following the slaying, Mikolaj Sapped 600 of pakaran's Anima and with the assistance of Euplicitous Aerophram (N: The Riven) Doomed pakaran to death. (pakaran dodged 4 Dooms from Mikolaj and 2 from Euplicitous Aerophram.) Mikolaj then Sapped an additional 450 of pakaran's Anima.

The only mention of pakaran's punishment was made by pakaran himself on the 12th of Phamenoth: "I'm not complaining abut being locked out of the game for a full day. And, indeed, I'm not complaining now." [1] Following this message, Rincewind (eidolon) bequeathed 500 Anima to pakaran. Mikolaj later Doomed Rincewind to death, five minutes before rollover.

On the 13th of Phamenoth, AKHOM (Antirhodos) slew Kauket at 22:13. Euplicitous Aerophram Doomed AKHOM to death, missing 4 times. Jumsy (N: Light), Altair (Light) and Mikolaj followed up by Exhausting and Sapping 250, 300 and 115 of AKHOM's anima, respectively. AKHOM responded to the attacks with an apology: "To those that I have inconvenienced by killing Kauket, I must apologize . It was my very first time in that part of the sphinxes. I knew that it was troubling and had no intention of making that mistake. I’ve done it and the only thing I can say now is that you can rest assured that it will not happen in the future. Again I apologize." [2]

[1]: Underworld, "An interesting tale the Heralds tell" #81
[2]: Underworld, "AKHOM" #43

Malarthi Announces

On the 11th of Phamenoth, Malarthi (eidolon) made an announcement: "I hereby request that no one for any reason kill a "Once a day" creature before 23:45 Ankhet time, without specifically asking for and receiving permission from the community before hand. This includes the Deranged Hermit, the Black Kauket, the Blood Merchant, and any other creatures of this land that may impart a benefit beyond their death to players. This list may expand, and currently Serpopard is iffy, as he may be a once a day kill, I'm not sure." [1]

Malarthi's announcement sparked two discussions on community resources. "On Slaying of Community Resources" by Stormcaller (Shadows) in Scions and "RE: Community Resources" by Mikolaj (The Riven) in Servants. Both topics petered out quickly, with the majority of debate taking place in the second thread.

The following day, Emau (N: Experiment X) responded to Malarthi's announcement with an announcement of his own: "Unless you want to pay me, I am afraid other factors determine when I can be here, and those will determine when I meet certain creatures. As such, I do not have time, nor the will, to poll the community everytime I meet these creatures or enter areas where they may reside. While I understand your concern, I feel the issue is not as simple as you are making it. But thanks for asking." [2]

On the 14th of Phamenoth, Malarthi made another announcement: "Please don't kill the Blood Merchant just yet. I need to get some things from him." [3] Mikolaj Soulrifted Malarthi 26 minutes later only to have Menthu intervene and protect Malarthi from being killed. Mikolaj then Doomed Malarthi to death. He originally explained his actions: "I'm tired of you trying to tell me what to do or not do. I'm also tired of you doing it through Announcements. As such, I have limited your ability to tell me what to do, constraining it to here in the Underworld." [4] Later, in reference to the announcement, he stated: "I object to its tone, I object to its placement, I object to its selfishness, I object to its inherent underlying philosophy."

Approximately thee hours later, Jumsy (N: Light) Bequeathed Malarthi 300 Anima. Mikolaj then Soulrifted Jumsy twice, once before rollover and once after. The latter Soulrift was followed by Mikolaj Sapping 200 of Jumsy's Anima. At 13:33 on the 15th of Phamenoth, Mikolaj Bequeathed 400 Anima to Jumsy, presumably releasing him from the Underworld.

[1]: Announcement #516, "Slaying of Community Resources"
[2]: Announcement #517, "Denied"
[3]: Announcement #522, "Blood Merchant"
[4]: Underworld, "Malarthi" #1
[5]: Underworld, "Malarthi" #66

The Grinder 2

On the 14th of Phamenoth, Euplicitous Aerophram (N: The Riven) announced the The Grinder 2, the sequel to his widely popular contest from Mecheir. The prizes this time around are: "2 Metasis Charms, 2 Puzzle Boxes, and 1 Azure Decanter." [1] The contestants chosen for The Grinder 2 are akhenuraeus (Shadows), allispaul (Nekhen), Altair (Light), Baltar (Shadows), Dijital (eidolon), em (Nekhen), Freya (The Riven), Krysondra (Nekhen), JadeMage (Shadows), Mikolaj (The Riven), Snigu Ka Tet (Shadows), and Stormcaller (Shadows).

Round One split the contestants into six teams of two: Snigu Ka Tet and Dijital, Stormcaller and Akhenuraeus, Altair and Jademage, Allispaul and Freya, Krysondra and Mikolaj, Em and Baltar. The Challenge: "Teams must now work together to design an artifact for Satet’s shop (located in the Nomad’s Bazaar). This new artifact would be priced at five million favour. Judging will be based on creativity, thoroughness, and viability." [2]

The winners of Round One were Krysondra and Mikolaj for their item, the Ethereal Orb. No contestants have been voted off as of the writing of this article.

[1]: Neophytes, "Contest: The Grinder 2" #1
[2]: Neophytes, "The Grinder 2: Round One" #1

Op-Ed: Riven = Invincible

Editor’s Preamble: The following article is a submission. The Ankhet Herald is not responsible for its contents and the facts contained therein have not been verified by the staff. The opinions expressed herein are not representative of the staff. The author of the article has requested anonymity, and so his or her name has been withheld. Some minor edits have been made for content.

For the first time the Riven have invited us, outsiders, inside to better understand some of the inner-workings of their successful machine of power. Their personal policies and ideals have, for the most part, been unknown to the majority of the public, but today marks the official end of their long silence.

Why wait until now? This reporter thinks that it could improve relations with the community. The Riven members are no strangers to conflict or controversy. One can understand why they might be interested in ameliorating their current image. We caught up with a member of the Riven, whose name is being withheld as a condition to proceed with the interview. In addition, we were only allowed five questions.

I. First, I would like to thank you for taking the opportunity to have this brief discussion with us. I hope this is not going to be a problem for you, is it?

No problem.

II. How does it feel to be in a dominion that is the focus of the community’s interest and attention?

I would not claim so much, but it is exciting to be a part of a very active group of individuals. We enjoy participating in public discussions. So it is nice to think that our input is appreciated even if it is not always something that reflects the general consensus.

III. Yes, Euplicitous Aerophram has on more than one occasion expressed, and I am paraphrasing here, that public participation is paramount in the advancement of the community and of the individual. With such a heavy importance set on posting, is being active in the forums something that is required of all Riven members?


IV. The Riven have been notoriously hard on so-called "thralls" and have been very vocal about individuals being held personally accountable for their actions - is there a reasonable purpose for such a drastic approach?

I think the purpose of the Riven is to provide a positive example for the rest of the community to follow. All of us have proven ourselves and our ability to be self-sufficient. I trust that the community will come to realize this truth. Those disciples who engage in thrall-like or personally irresponsible activities find themselves on our NOC List - the list that contains the names of players that we will not bequeath to, resurrect, or cureall, among other things.

V. How intriguing. Various disciples pretend to have become just a tiny bit annoyed with the Riven’s constant reminder that they are the “overlords” of our land. Can you edify on what exactly this self-proclaimed title entails?

It's self explanatory. We are the overlords.

Thank you again, we really appreciate your time and the candor of your responses.

No problem.

We hope that you enjoyed this short article. Expect much more in our next installment.

The Anoints

Previous NameCurrent Name
Fiend Mullhotep
Snigut Tu BaratSnigu Ka Tet
Bottom-Heavy GrapefruitBottom-Heavy Fruit Cat
Bottom-Heavy Fruit CatBottom-Heavy Grapefruit
CaineAko Nebi
Bottom-Heavy GrapefruitBottom-Heavy Dead Fruit
Cicero Anubulas
Bottom-Heavy Dead FruitCurdled Grapefruit
Bigby Wolf 0zymandias
Freya smooth-mamma
Aphrodite Smurfette

The Annals

Apophis Arthur83Shadows*
Amin-RaEuplicitous Aerophram81The Riven
SekhmetSnigu Ka Tet80Shadows
HathorUp And Atem 80Nekhen
SelketMaa-kheru 74Antirhodos*
BastAko Nebi74eidolon
AmmutCurdled Grapefruit 32Nekhen*
4The Riven24Euplicitous Aerophram
6Antirhodos16Belle Morte
8Red Lantern Core 15Kazkek
9Level Nine12DarkEternal
Beast Slayers
1Mikolaj60The Riven
2DarkEternal50Level Nine
3Freya41The Riven
4Euplicitous Aerophram31The Riven
6Snigu Ka Tet 27Shadows
8Baltar 26Shadows
10Mullhotep25The Riven*
Truth Sayers
3Snigu Ka Tet 149Shadows
4Mikolaj123The Riven
1Mikolaj99.6%The Riven
4Up And Atem99%Nekhen
7Mullhotep98%The Riven*
8Ako Nebi 97.9%eidolon
10DarkEternal97.6%Level Nine
[*]: Disciples that currently follow a path that removed their access to a dominion are considered members of their most recent dominion unless publicly stated otherwise.
[Bold]: Changes from last issue's Annals are signified by bold typeface.

Poll 1 Results

Approximately how often do you agree with the justifications from The Riven?
Total Votes: 32
90% to 100% 11 (34%)
80% to 89% 5 (15%)
70% to 79% 2 (6%)
60% to 69% 1 (3%)
50% to 59% 2 (6%)
40% to 49% 1 (3%)
30% to 39% 4 (12%)
20% to 29% 2 (6%)
10% to 19% 1 (3%)
0% to 9% 3 (9%)
I don't know 0 (0%)