Issue 1

10 Phamenoth 2756 / 15 October 2007

Welcome to the first edition of The Ankhet Herald. It is our hope that we will be able to regularly provide an objective view on the happenings of Ankhet. Our main priority is to document the facts for future use and perusal. Please bear with us as we take our first few steps.

The Articles

A New Dawn

Fiend or Foe?

God is Dead . . . and Sundered

Of That Colossal Wreck

The Invasion

The Anoints

The Annals

Quote of the Issue

Euplicitous Aerophram Absolved God. - Heralds, 02:04 6 Phamenoth 2756

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A New Dawn

On the 29th of Mecheir, Nefertiti (Light) officially returned to Ankhet. Since "quitting" a little over four months ago on the 22nd of Phaophi, Nefertiti regularly logged into Ankhet but did not post or otherwise level. On the 3rd of Phamenoth, Jusmy (N: Light) returned to his former dominion -- after experiencing eidolon, Nekhen and Shadows dominions -- to be made Nomarch by Nefertiti. On the 5th of Phamenoth, skote4 (Light) -- now Anointed Altair -- also returned to his former dominion after experiencing both eidolon and Imperial Conquest dominions. The relatively unknown disciples cloud (Light) and Sunny (Light) are the most recent members, joining on the 6th of Phamenoth and the 9th of Phamenoth respectively.

Fiend or Foe?

On the 3rd of Phamenoth at 11:54, Fiend (The Riven) slew Kauket and immediately logged out. An hour later Iboni (Shadows) Withered 97 of his Vitality, with 18 failed Dooms (11 of which came after she poisoned him with Keres Essence) and a failed Blaze. Jumsy successfully Doomed Fiend at 13:33, killing him and Sundering his Ka.

Over the next two hours after Fiend's death, akhenuraeus (Shadows) Sapped 450 of Fiend's Anima, Snigut Tu Barat (Shadows) Sapped 2 of Fiend's Anima and Apollyon (Macrocosm) -- now anointed Krumko -- Exhausted 100 of Fiend's Anima. At 15:33, Apollyon resurrected Fiend with a Phoenix Fire and challenged him to a Duel, withdrawing after 3 rounds to poison him with Keres Essence. Apollyon then re-initiated the duel, killing Fiend after 13 rounds.

Nine minutes later, Mikolaj (The Riven) Ruined and Doomed Apollyon. Mikolaj then Exhausted 435 of Fiend's Anima. Ozymandias (eidolon) then used Cureall on Apollyon. Mikolaj responded by Devastating both Ozymandias and Apollyon until they died. Later, Baltar (Shadows) used a Cathartic Philter on Apollyon, which was followed by a Phoenix Fire from Malarthi, which was followed by another Devastate from Mikolaj. Two hours and a minute after his last attack, Mikolaj resurrected Apollyon with a Phoenix Fire and Sacrificed to him 87 Vitality. Ozymandias then used Cureall on Mikolaj. Over the next few hours, smooth_pappa (N: eidolon) Tutored Apollyon for a total of 205,200 Favour.

Fiend has not yet apologized publicly for his premature killing of Kauket. His first post after returning to the game did contain the following explanation: "I got locked up while trying to get away from a fight with Kauket. Every time I tried to run, I hit her again." [1] His explanation was met with incredulity. Accusations of hypocrisy were made, citing the previous Judgments by Euplicitous Aerophram (N: The Riven) of yipikaye (N: Macrocosm) and pakhet, both of whom killed Kauket prior to their Judgments. No explanations were publicly demanded of Euplicitous Aerophram during or after the incidents, but in response to the accusations of hypocrisy, he states: "I have never used Judgment as a penalty simply for prematurely killing Kauket."[2]

A discussion regarding the consequences of prematurely killing Kauket began in the Servants forum, initiated by Mikolaj. The discussion contained many interesting and some noteworthy ideas, however no decision was reached about what consequences were best. Further, no new disciple or group of disciples expressed any interest in upholding one set of consequences over the others.

[1]: Underworld, "Apollyon" #19
[2]: Underworld, "Apollyon" #32

God is Dead . . . and Sundered

On the 5th of Phamenoth, B-Legit (Macrocosm) -- now anointed Krumko -- Anointed to God. Following his name change, RandomEmoticon (Shadows) asked: "Are you omnipotent? If so, do humans have free will? If you're not, then you're a pretty shitty god." [1] Later, Altair (Light) Withered 1 of God's Vitality and RandomEmoticon Doomed God to death, Sundering his Ka. RandomEmoticon had this to say after his actions: "Well, you are a shitty god. How about that."

In an apparently unrelated incident on the 6th of Phamenoth, Euplicitous Aerophram took exception to God in the "B-Legit's Hard Knock Life" thread, stating: I have been injured by exposure to your stupidity. Die."[3] God anointed to Necro later that day.

[1]: Servants, "Dear God" #1
[2]: Underworld, "The day God died" #1
[3]: Servants, "B-Legit's Hard Knock Life #55

Of That Colossal Wreck

On the 6th of Phamenoth and with no public warning, Ozymandias (eidolon) succumbed to ennui. In his announcement prior to the event, titled "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" -- a reference to the fourth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams -- Ozymandias explained: "Its been fun, but, meh, bored now. " [1] He ended his announcement with a rally: "Fight the Riven!" [1]

Many disciples have expressed grief over Ozymandias leaving the game and a few also expect him to return. As the long standing Ankhet of Hathor, a position which he gave up 2 days before succumbing to ennui, he gave Curealls to almost anyone that asked. Following Ozymandias' conversion to the path of Selket, Freya (The Riven) used a Metasis Charm to convert to Hathor and succeed him as Ankhet. She seems to be doing her best to imitate Ozymandias.

The effects of Ozymandias' departure remain to be fully seen, but it is rumored that Metasis Charms are appearing more frequently.

[1]: Announcement #504, "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish"

The Invasion

On the 7th of Phamenoth 2756, Dijital (eidolon) lashed out at the members of The Riven with 1 Exhaust for each member. Even though Iboni (Shadows) quickly reversed the attacks, Anupet (The Riven) -- previous member and former Nomarch of eidolon, now the newest member of The Riven -- Sapped 2 of Dijital's Anima, in a display that could only be described as heavy-handed and unjust.

Not to let this atrocity stand, Bottom-Heavy Grapefruit (Nekhen) came to the defense of Dijital by Exhausting 3 of Anupet's Anima. What happened next can only be described as all-out war, with Anupet and Bottom-Heavy Grapefruit exchanging Saps and Exhausts of increasing magnitudes: 5 Anima Sapped from Bottom-Heavy Grapefruit, 10 Anima Ehausted from Anupet, 100 Anima Sapped from Bottom-Heavy Grapefruit, 101 Anima Exhausted from Anupet, then Euplicitous Aerophram (N: The Riven) came to Anupet's aid, Bequeathing her 200 Anima. She took his aid and used it to Sap 500 Anima from Bottom-Heavy Grapefruit. With assistance from BadKalamari (Nekhen) in the form of 200 Anima, Bottom-Heavy Grapefruit put up his final offense by Exhausting 1 Anima each from Euplicitous Aerophram and Anupet.

When the dust settled, both sides were exhausted and drained. With no more will to fight, the field of battle was left empty. Not accepting of a cease-fire and possibly in a state of rage, Tully (N: Nekhen) attacked Anupet, Exhausting 1 Anima, and Dijital for three times as much Anima. Krysondra (Nekhen) tried to restrain her ally with an Exhaust for 2 Anima, but Tully's last act before succumbing to exhaustion was to Diminish 50 of Krysondra's Favour. Late to the battle, allispaul (Nekhen) struck Euplicitous Aerophram from afar with a single Exhaust.

The war has not been re-engaged since, but The Riven must be planning a brutal reprisal for such insolence.

The Anoints

Previous NameCurrent Name
Snigu Ka TetSnigut Tu Barat
Nekhen and HopinAroal
Heeerrrrreeees NEKHEN!Kalshinra
The Devil Went Down to NekhenTully
Nekhen With Your Girlfriendallispaul
Nehken and up to something...Krysondra
Nekhen DownunderIsayarthur
Tastes Just Like Nekhen!neminem
Always NekhenBottom-Heavy Grapefruit
King of Iron Fist - NEKHENUp And Atem
No Clothes? You are NEKHEN!BadKalamari
Nekhen In The CornerCeleste
Make Nekhen out of MolehillsBerg

The Annals

Atum-Ra Mikolaj85The Riven
Amin-RaEuplicitous Aerophram84The Riven
ApophisSnigut Tu Barat82Shadows*
HathorFreya78The Riven
SekhmetUp And Atem73Nekhen
AnubisAnupet62The Riven
MenthuSkwisgaard Skwigelf47
AmmutBad Wolf28eidolon*

4The Riven21Euplicitous Aerophram
7Red Lantern Core15Kazkek
8Antirhodos15Belle Morte
9Level Nine12DarkEternal

Beast Slayers
1Mikolaj60The Riven
2DarkEternal50Level Nine
3Freya41The Riven
4Euplicitous Aerophram31The Riven
6Snigut Tu Barat27Shadows*

Truth Sayers
3Snigut Tu Barat149Shadows*
4Mikolaj123The Riven

1Mikolaj99.5%The Riven
4Up And Atem99.1%Nekhen
5DarkEternal98.5%Level Nine
8Fiend98%The Riven

[*]: Disciples that currently follow a path that removed their access to a dominion are considered members of their most recent dominion unless publicly stated otherwise.